SPIRIT COLLECTION - only in our...

Exclusively for our webshop, we have put together a collection of our autumn/winter bestsellers. [READ MORE]

The loveliest styles this autumn

Responsible, durable and naturally vegan clothing: This is what we stand for and have really striven for again in our 2021 winter [READ MORE]

Vegan streetwear for the big little ones

It's time to offer something to our younger fans and yes, we all know that there is a need for good streetwear for kids. [READ MORE]

Great Styles with precious stones

With the Crystal Collection we are going beyond style and look. We try to take the next step to enhance your wellbeing through [READ MORE]


The Soul of Earth – Oneness Project A project very close to ragwear’s heart [READ MORE]


WHO IS MAKING YOUR FAVORITE JACKET? Fashion Revolution Week 2021 – our responsibility, your information [READ MORE]

Let the sun shine!

You can't wait for the warm weather? You finally want to wear all those great summer dresses again? You are already excited to see [READ MORE]




A closer look at our ORGANIC collection “Everyone has the power to make a difference, to themselves and others and to our world.” [READ MORE]

The Soul of Earth – Oneness Project

We all form part of an ecosystem, a planet and a universe and should respect and love one other, our Earth, nature and all the [READ MORE]

Let's focus on details

As a loyal ragwear customer you probably know about all symbols, signs and messages which our designers create for each of our [READ MORE]

Thank you for your loyalty!

We are very glad to have you with us and thank you for your support, especially during the past few months. ragwear is always [READ MORE]

Our christmas present to you

Christmas is slowly, but surely approaching. And after you have spent so much time choosing just the right thing for your loved [READ MORE]

Sustainable gift ideas

Christmas is just around the corner - the gift madness begins. We go out and again we buy socks for our brother, another sweater [READ MORE]

No Like for Black Friday

Black Friday" marks the day after Thanksgiving and is symbolically considered the beginning of a critical holiday shopping season. [READ MORE]

The Flower Of Life

Did you know that the symbols we use in our clothing are not only for decoration, but also have a special meaning? [READ MORE]

News from Hof Butenland

It’s been quite a long time since we have updated you about our adopted animals from Hof Butenland. So now we have prepared a [READ MORE]

Behind the Scenes: Fashion Revolution...

This year there will once more be countless inspiring and informative fashion activities during FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK (20-26 [READ MORE]

Did you know that 50% of oxygen comes...

Imagine a world where there is more plastic than fish in the sea. According to studies by the UN, this could already be the case [READ MORE]

Love Your Koala

Even though our lives are currently dominated by Corona news, there are also other issues that require our attention. [READ MORE]

The Dove of Peace

The trees are blossoming, the birds are starting to build their nests, and the bees are seeking out the first flowers. To match [READ MORE]


As you probably know, one way you can protect the planet is by buying vegan clothes. However, using locally grown fruit and [READ MORE]

Zigzag or beach motif?

The new ragwear mid-season collection offers both and more! For this collection we present our favourite ragwear “ZigZag” pattern [READ MORE]

Stay healthy & stay home!

The ragwear philosophy is to treat people, animals and nature responsibly. So naturally we have also taken all the measures [READ MORE]


“I like to move it!” is probably the best known song from the animation film “Madagascar”. The party anthem is sung by the lemur [READ MORE]


Cute details, sustainable materials and bright prints: The new spring/summer 2020 collection is here! We asked ragwear designer [READ MORE]


We not only love fashion free of animal suffering, but also vegan dishes. Therefore, we have prepared a delicious smoothie recipe [READ MORE]

Time for food

For a world with enjoyable and healthy food that is good for all living things and our environment: Over the past ten years, [READ MORE]

World Vegan Day

Do you know how many vegans there are in Germany? Almost 1 million, according to surveys by the Statista statistics database. [READ MORE]

We are online!

The time has come at last: ragwear, the first in vegan streetwear, has its own online shop! Whether cool parkas, cosy hoodies or [READ MORE]

Us and Plant-for-the-Planet

ragwear has financed 5,000 trees – and this is just the beginning! Help us and the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation by Felix [READ MORE]

Style, spirit and sustainability

In Earth we trust – with our new autumn / winter 19 collection, we also remain true to our motto. We accompany you throughout the [READ MORE]

Leaving no one behind

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”, Shakira sang at the opening ceremony of the UN summit in New York four [READ MORE]

We love hoodies! ♡

Since the beginning of ragwear in the mid 90s, when Holger Brodkorb discovered his love of skateboard & streetwear, hoodies have [READ MORE]

Sustainability as a path

In 2007, our founder Holger Brodkorb, the man behind the ragwear brand, was on the road in North Africa to find production [READ MORE]

A lovely smile is the most beautiful...

A few years ago, researchers from Hanover and Basel caused a sensation with an experiment on “facial feedback”. [READ MORE]
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