We love hoodies! ♡

Since the beginning of ragwear in the mid 90s, when Holger Brodkorb discovered his love of skateboard &  streetwear, hoodies  hoodies have had a firm place in the collection. Reason enough to take a closer look at the hoodie and its fashionable history: The modern term hoodie, of course, refers to the hood that these items of clothing have. Interestingly, the origins of the hoodie go back to the high Middle Ages and something called a cowl: a loose or sewn-on hood made of wool, which was very common among monks in Europe at the time. The modern hooded sweatshirt, however, was first developed in the USA in the 1930s, when the clothing manufacturer Champion developed the first models and gave their sweatshirts a hood. Champion wanted to develop a garment that would provide tree surgeons and cold store employees with additional protection against the sun and cold. Thus the hoodie first became popular in the field of workwear and then in sports. Finally, the hoodie found its way into everyday American youth fashion as training clothing for school and university sports. However, it only became a fashion statement in the mid-1970s when the youth culture of hip hop emerged in New York.