The Dove of Peace

The trees are blossoming, the birds are starting to build their nests, and the bees are seeking out the first flowers. To match the spring and this annual wonder of nature, let us explain why we use a very special bird as a symbol on our clothing.

The white dove, sketched by Pablo Picasso, was declared a symbol of peace at the Paris World Peace Congress in 1949. The olive branch which it carries in its beak stands for hope and the end of austerity.

The addition of “We are one” to ragwear’s clothing is a reminder of the union of all people in love. This reminder is more important than ever right now. Life as we know it is heavily restricted and has changed significantly. In uncertain times, it can be hard to treat one another with friendship and compassion. Peace begins within us, in our hearts. Only those who are pure of heart can keep others grounded and treat them with respect.

Togetherness and compassion towards one another is particularly important right now. It’s good to stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Even a small gesture or a kind word can often work wonders and give others strength. Countless organisations and volunteering services have already been set up to support the elderly or ill people with shopping, for example. Children are painting rainbows on windows to spread hope. As well as our fellow humans, our favourite little shops, that cosy restaurant round the corner and local garden centres are also having to struggle with the current situation. Lots of shops are now offering vouchers or are sharing information via social networks on how to support them during this crisis. Together, we will all grow from this situation and come out the other side with a stronger feeling of community.

We are one! 

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