Sustainability as a path

In 2007, our founder Holger Brodkorb, the man behind the ragwear brand, was on the road in North Africa to visit production facilities for our brand. When visiting a denim laundry, he saw with his own eyes how the poisonous, bright blue dye broth was released unfiltered into the surrounding area, thus becoming a danger to the local people and the environment. He has never forgotten the sight to this day. Holger decided to champion sustainability and to gradually integrate it into the DNA of the ragwear brand in a wide variety of company areas. At that time, ragwear had already established a long-term partnership with a production company on the Chinese east coast. Holger thus decided to continue this cooperation and to further develop it in terms of ecological and social standards - hand in hand with our local producer. After all, sustainability is a continuous process, not a static state.

 Photo by Zach Reiner on Unsplash