No Like for Black Friday

November 29th is “Black Friday” again. This day originated in America and is considered one of the largest internationally popular shopping events with discounts of up to 70%. These extreme offers boost consumption enormously and encourage buyers to buy far more than they actually need. This marketing measure is neither sustainable nor environmentally conscious – which is why we decided to forego discounts this Friday.

Viola Wohlgemuth, spokeswoman for Greenpeace says: “Black Friday is a black day for the environment. Our consumption is destroying more and more resources and fuelling the climate crisis. Consumers should be aware that every single package has an environmental impact.” The Lower Saxony Nature Conservation Association also reminds the flood of packaging materials, including cardboard boxes, foils and styrofoam, which mostly end up in the waste after being used once.

The German Trade Association (HDE) predicts that retailers’ turnover will reach 2.4 billion euros this year. According to projections, 60% of consumers plan to spend more than 100 euros. 7.5 percent even plan to spend over 500 euros. Every twelfth customer is looking for fashion offers.

We at ragwear know that there are many opportunities for sustainable consumption and fair treatment of the environment. Every contribution counts, and you too can help make the world a better place. For example, buy consciously and only what you really need. Quality instead of quantity.

You also avoid Black Friday and want to do something good instead? Here you can support our adopted animals at the Butenland farm:

We look forward to your opinion @ragwear and #nolikeforblackfriday.