News from Hof Butenland

It’s been quite a long time since we have updated you about our adopted animals from Hof Butenland. So now we have prepared a whole interview with Karin Mück, who is in charge of the entire farm. You will find links to Hof Butenland below the interview. They will be happy to hear from you!

ragwear: Hello Karin, how are you? What is new at Hof Butenland?
Karin: Hi, ragwear team, thank you for asking. We are very busy here at the farm, but we are doing great. We are building a new, larger stable for the cattle, so our ladies are more comfortable this upcoming winter. Also we are still very busy with our film project…

ragwear: Can you please tell us how our adopted animals are doing? How is Lisbeth, Frederik, Elfriede and the rabbits?
Karin: Lisbeth (the cow) is fine. We regularly fix her deformed claws. She has a new best friend now, Marieke, who had 12 calves and gave 100,000 liters of milk before she came to our place. After 8 years, Mattis (our ox) finally separated from his mother Dina and is now increasingly going his own way. He is very healthy and weighs 1,200 kilos. Frederik (the pig) has grown a lot and is enjoying life. Unfortunately, Elfriede (the hen) died earlier this summer. She was over 4 years old. For a hybrid chicken, that is a very long life and a good age to live until. A few of the rabbits also died recently. Only one has survived, so we found him a new family so that he is not alone.

ragwear: How many animals do you have on your farm?
Karin: In total we have around 100 animals – horses, cattle, dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, geese and chickens. They all live here.

ragwear: What is the best way to support you? (Direct monetary donations or rather sponsorships?)
Karin: It doesn't matter, people can support us however they prefer. We are thankful for all kinds of donations.

ragwear: Are there “available” animals still looking for a sponsorship?
Karin: Yes, there is a cow named Carlotta who is looking for her sponsors. She jumped over to us this summer from the neighbor’s land, through the moat and the electric fence. So in the end we bought her from the neighbor. We will also have a livestock guardian dog, Palau. He will come to us in October from an animal shelter in Sardinia. He is older and has no chance of finding a foster home anymore.

ragwear: How did your film project go? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Karin: This February we launched our film “Butenland”, which was very successful. It is about our farm that has become a "farm for life". We are showing that a peaceful coexistence between animals and humans is possible. We are really proud that our film is still playing in more than 30 cinemas in Germany and also at some film festivals abroad, for example, in Taiwan, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg, and soon in Canada. The film has been featured in the media many times, and even in the news (find it here). We were also guests on the NDR talk show in July. And on top of that, I have been invited to do a long interview with Guido Maria Kretschmer about animal rights. It should be out this autumn.

ragwear: Is it possible to watch the film online somewhere?
Karin: There is high chance that our film will also be shown on German TV next year. On this page you can find all information about the trailer, the DVD, and online stream options:

Thank you very much for the interview, Karin. We wish you and all your animals good luck and long lives.

You can follow Hof Butenland on Facebook or Instagram or you can check out their website.