Allow us to introduce: Our Lisbeth!

ragwear is committed to active animal welfare. In addition to our commitment to vegan fashion, we have been supporting the Hof Butenland animal foundation for some time. On the North Sea peninsula of Butjadingen, near Bremerhaven, former farm animals such as cows, cattle, pigs, chickens and other animal species find a new home. The history of Hof Butenland goes back a long way: From the middle of the 19th Century until the 1970s, milk and cheese were produced here. Then Jan Gerdes took over the farm from his parents and converted the family business to organic farming – making it the first Demeter biodynamic farm in the region. Nevertheless, Gerdes had to admit over the years that animal welfare and business interests are often is stark contradiction to one another. So he finally gave up dairy cattle altogether and instead founded the animal protection foundation Hof Butenland together with Karin Mück. We were immediately impressed by their project, which is why we took over sponsorship of one of the new additions to her cow retirement home in 2017. Our adopted cow Lisbeth has had an eventful life. The former owners of the disused milk cow actually wanted to take Lisbeth to the slaughterhouse because she was no longer profitable enough for milk production. However, the Butenland farm was able to avert this fate and instead gave the eight-time cow mom a new home in their cow retirement home. Since then Lisbeth has settled in well and is enjoying her retirement to the fullest. A few weeks ago the sprightly cow-lady turned 16, – we wish her a belated happy birthday and a further happy new year in dignity and self-determination! You can visit Lisbeth grazing with her friends HERE.