The first in vegan streetwear
ragwear deliberately avoids using animal materials, because vegan production methods are possible without loss of quality and promise animal-free and in our case stylish fashion. Treating people and animals fairly and respectfully forms an integral part of our brand philosophy.

What is vegan fashion?
Vegan fashion does not have any animal products and is in no way inferior to conventional fashion in terms of quality and design. It means that we do not use any leather, wool, silk, fur, horn or down. When it comes to colours and the finishings of our materials, we make sure that no animal products are included or that they have not been tested on animals.

Leather, wool, horn and down are considered natural products but cause serious damage to the environment. Contrary to what is often assumed, leather, for example, is not necessarily a waste product of the meat industry. Shattering working conditions, torturous husbandry systems and toxic tanning processes in the leather industry cause massive damage to people, animals and the environment. In addition, industrial factory farming and the excessive, indispensable use of antibiotics and feed additives are a cause of multi-resistance and contamination of groundwater with nitrates.

In 2015, as a brand we were certified as a “PETA-Approved Vegan” by the animal protection organisation PETA for our commitment to preventing animal suffering. Since then, our certificate has been regularly renewed. Here is the current certificate.

Animal engagement
We support the animal protection foundation Hof Butenland and its pilot project, the “cow retirement home”. Mostly cattle and other farm animals can spend their retirement peacefully there in a species-appropriate environment. Our commitment meant we were able to save our adopted cow Lisbeth from the slaughterhouse. Lisbeth grazing and having fun with her friends HERE. More information about the project and sponsorships can be found HERE.