The Soul of Earth – Oneness Project

We all form part of an ecosystem, a planet and a universe and should respect and love one other, our Earth, nature and all the species on it.

The “Soul of Earth – Oneness Project” is a project close to ragwear’s heart that focuses on this oneness with nature: The vegan t-shirts in the series are printed with motifs and messages that draw attention to current problems and emphasise respectful treatment of animals, people and the environment:

The universe is in your hands, go outdoors, feel the force of nature, the power of the mountains, the wind on your face. Discover the wonders of the Earth! We are one!


Love is as tender and sensitive as a little seedling that needs your protection. You have to take care of it and tend it, but it is so beautiful! 


The planet needs your help. Take care of the environment, protect trees and nature. To act ethically means to act morally, to reflect on your actions and to take responsibility for your own life. Be planethical!


The circle of roots, plants and nuts raises the issue of how a plant-based way of life could influence peaceful coexistence in a society. You can start small by getting hold of some tomato plants or fresh herbs, such as basil or chives, and trying out a little gardening for yourself. Even small successes can create enormous happiness! 


The clasped hands draw attention to a return to nature and being at one. Give it a try and hug a tree near you. Can you feel the positive energy emanating from the tree? 


There is unfortunately still far too much plastic on our planet. The sea creatures on your t-shirt gently draw attention to the fact that plastic is harmful to our oceans, destroying the habitats of fish and other marine animals. 


Even if everyone is different, we have one thing in common: We all share a planet and a living space. Right now, it is vital to get back to nature, which may help us to be more respectful and loving of one another.


When was the last time you took a walk in the forest? When was the last time you breathed in the scent of resin or fresh moss? When was the last time you heard a woodpecker, saw a deer, discovered a frog? The forest is a wonderful habitat for so many different animal species and must be protected and respected. 


Is there a topic close to your heart that we haven’t considered or do you have a heartwarming story to tell? We are really looking forward to your feedback! Be proud of yourself and share your planethical outfit with us! 
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