The Flower Of Life

Did you know that the symbols we use in our clothing are not only for decoration, but also have a special meaning?

One of them is called The “Flower of Life” and is considered the most powerful symbol of all. The sacred symbol of the Flower of Life is one of the oldest graphic symbols depicted in all cultures around the world, in religions and architecture. And this is exactly why you will find it in our ragwear clothing collections again and again.

The flower of life consists of 19 intertwined circles and, thanks to its harmonious geometry, is reminiscent of the aesthetics of a blossom. It’s said that all patterns can be found within it.

The meaning of the Flower of life

The flower of life depicts the basic forms of space, time and the unity of life and spirit as part of the universe. In many cultures, the symbol means cosmic order and the circle of life. We can find it as a pattern in stained glass windows, as an element on altars, tombs, but also as a protective symbol on objects of daily use.

What can this symbol bring to a person? It depends on who uses it, how and why. It depends on the person himself. To some, the Flower of Life may just be a very nice picture. To more spiritual people, the symbol will be useful and will help them understand their mind, body and soul.

The history of the Flower of life

The flower of life is not only a very powerful, but also a very old symbol. The oldest image so far was found in the Egyptian temple of Abydos and is around 5,000 years old. But the geometric ornament can also be found on many more recent churches, temples and buildings. Sometimes it served as a purely decorative element, but it could also be used to represent geometric bodies such as the pyramid or the cube. Known mathematical and universal laws, such as Pythagoras’ theorem or squaring the circle, have been demonstrated in the flower of life. Well-known artists such as Leonardo da Vinci also dealt in detail with the geometric peculiarities of the symbol, which is internationally known. Whether in Italy, Greece, Egypt, China, Tibet, Japan or on our ragwear favourites in Prague, the flower of life speaks all the languages in the world.

Positive impact

Since we are convinced of the positive energy of the “flower of life”, we have integrated the symbol into many of our favourite ragwear items. We want you as the wearer to be able to use the harmonising influence of the flower of life for yourself. Your positive energies are strengthened, and negative feelings are reduced. 

The effect of the Flower of Life symbol can also be used in practical life. It is suitable, for example, for purification and harmonization of water - just stick a sticker with the Flower of Life on the glass or on a coaster on which the glass will stand.
In earlier times, the symbol was inserted under food to prolong its life, nothing prevents us from trying that as well. The symbol of the Flower of Life is also great for those who are engaged in spiritual work, as it combines with the sacred essence of life. It can serve as an excellent meditation aid as well as an aid for developing one's own creative powers.

We love harmony in our lives!

We want to point out that the effects of symbols have not been scientifically proven. These products are not intended to be used to treat or cure any disease.

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