“Everyone has the power to make a difference, to themselves and others and to our world.” – Yasmin Davar

Since 2016 we have been proving that sustainable clothing no longer has to look like a potato sack. That´s when we launched our first ORGANIC collection. All styles in this collection are made from natural materials such as organic cotton and bamboo viscose, as well as recycled polyester. We also rely on durable lyocell, cool linen and water-saving hemp for our favorite ragwear pieces.

So let us introduce some of these materials in greater detail.

Organic cotton:

The cotton used for our organic collection is certified with the Global organic textile standard which means, that the use of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides that are harmful to health is strictly forbidden when growing this type of cotton. All the stakeholders in cotton cultivation benefit from this, especially by avoiding direct contact with these aggressive chemicals. Also, nature is not polluted by unnecessary toxins, which otherwise contaminate the groundwater and cause long-term damage to the flora and fauna in the growing areas.

A sustainable alternative to organic cotton is bamboo viscose – an extremely fast-growing, natural raw material that is also antibacterial and therefore does not require the use of pesticides. Viscose is robust, easy to wash and has the added advantage of feeling great in contact with the skin.

We also rely on recycled polyester in our ragwear favorites. Why don’t we completely do without synthetic fibers? Polyester offers a lot of positive properties that are particularly useful for the robustness, dimensional stability and heat-storing capacities of our clothing.

The ragwear sweaters have lyocell to thank for their softness, among other things.  This smooth, soft and light fiber is derived from the pulp of sustainably managed trees. Lyocell is made of vegetable cellulose and is therefore 100% biodegradable. Since lyocell production takes place in a closed cycle, hardly any materials or resources are lost. Lyocell is distinguished by its softness and excellent moisture absorption and is a very comfortable and versatile fabric.

Furthermore, we love to use linen for our summer favorites because of its lightweight and cooling properties. Linen is a durable fabric with a long history, made from the fibers of the flax plant. This robust fabric has a natural sheen and a slightly rough texture.

And last, but not least, hemp fabric is another sustainable choice for our materials. The plant can be grown without any pesticides or chemicals, doesn’t require much water and grows rapidly. The fabric combines a variety of beneficial properties, including durability and UV protection, moisture absorption and its cooling effect on the skin in hot weather. Hemp is also antibacterial and becomes softer with every wash.

We insist on using these materials, so you can dress sustainably but without losing your style or comfort. Our ORGANIC collection includes beautiful basic t-shirts, long sleeves and sweaters, cute dresses, sporty jackets, cool coats and, in summer, airy shorts, breathtaking jumpsuits, cute tops and trendy skirts.