Did you know that 50% of oxygen comes from the sea?

Imagine a world where there is more plastic than fish in the sea. According to studies by the UN, this could already be the case by 2050. Every year, more than 10 million tons of rubbish contaminate the world’s seas. Three quarters of this refuse is made of plastic – which takes 450 years to decompose! Germany ranks third among the largest plastic waste producers in the EU: The country produced over 37 kilograms per capita in 2016. With these amounts of plastic waste, we are unbalancing the fragile ecosystem. We need the sea – not only as a place of longing and for holidays, but also for everyday life. Numerous plankton organisms populate our oceans and incidentally produce about half of the oxygen we breathe. In addition, the sea absorbs solar energy and binds CO2 – thus regulating the climate.

We at ragwear want to do our part to keep the oceans clean and save precious water. That is why we do without plastic wherever possible. Our organic cotton products also need 71 percent less water than conventional cotton. In addition, we support the environmental organisation “One Earth, One Ocean”, which fishes and processes waste from the sea with its SeeKuh rubbish collection ship. This “maritime waste disposal unit” has managed to complete the cycle and turn the plastic into a diesel-like fuel oil – a real breakthrough!

And how do you save plastic in your everyday life? Show us on Instagram with the hashtag #NoplasticBefantastic, link us with @ragwear and inspire others to be more aware of our planet! Still need some ideas on how to avoid plastic? Take a look at this.


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