Behind the Scenes: Fashion Revolution Week 2020

This year there will once more be countless inspiring and informative fashion activities during FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK (20-26 April 2020). Unlike other years, this time there are over 150 activities to follow online. Talks, virtual discussions, film showings and studio tours are taking place, to name but a few. In order to answer the central questions of the #whomademyclothes fashion revolution for you and to give you a glimpse behind the scenes at ragwear, we once again asked our long-time production partner in China for a couple of pictures of the textile workers who contribute to the production of our favourite ragwear items. After a (luckily only brief) period of downtime due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are currently working on the Autumn/Winter Collection. To avoid being infected by the virus masks are worn, people’s temperatures are taken regularly and the factory is disinfected. In the past few years, we have worked hard together with our producers to improve the working conditions and protective measures for workers on site. Thus there is no unpaid or excessive overtime. On the other hand, there is a company daycare center to make it easier for employees to reconcile work and home life. We are grateful to all the workers who ensure that our ragwear creations come to life.

 Good to know: Fashion Revolution Week is an international activity week that has taken up the banner of revolutionising the fashion industry from the bottom up. The annually growing movement started because of an appalling building collapse in Bangladesh on April 24, 2013, which deeply shocked the media and the fashion world. 1,138 people who were working on clothing for Western fashion markets in the dilapidated Rana Plaza building were killed, and many more injured. The fashion revolution movement activists hold a remembrance each year for the Rana Plaza victims and fight for more transparency, humanity and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. Furthermore, the online platform offers a wealth of creative tips and tricks so consumers can become active themselves.

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