The loveliest styles this autumn

Responsible, durable and naturally vegan clothing: This is what we stand for and have really striven for again in our 2020 winter collection. And now, at last, we can introduce you to our new favourites.

News from the “Soul of Earth” collection

Since we can’t repeat the messages from the “Soul of Earth” line often enough, we now feature these great prints on our warm BERIT PRINT and EFFA pullovers. Do you prefer to snuggle into your warm hoodie on the sofa or scan the night sky on an evening stroll? With our feel-good sweatshirts, both options are cosy.



We also have three new men’s t-shirts for you in our line. The messages on PAUL ORGANIC are a bit tongue-in-cheek, but are sure to stir up lively discussions in a comfortable atmosphere.

Where’s the crab? Harmful plastic in our oceans destroys the habitats of fish and other marine life. This print ironically draws attention to this dilemma in a thought-provoking way. Can you find the crab? 


 City Hearts, Nature Souls: A reminder to take life more slowly. The tendency is for us to want to live in big cities. With all the hustle and bustle around us, though, what we really long for is the tranquility of nature.


 The dinosaurs thought they had time, too: If we don’t change things now, we’ll end up like the dinosaurs. Our planet will slowly but surely become uninhabitable. So, carpe diem!


Vegan down jackets, sailor styles and powered by nature

No problem if it gets really cold this winter. Men’s designer Antonín has found his winter favourite in the cool MR SMITH parka. He particularly likes the combination of simple elegance and casual silhouette. No need to freeze this year.


Ahoy, sailors! The MARGE and MONADIS RAINY jackets are our reinterpretation of classic oilskins. The bright yellow banishes grey autumn days. The DIZZIE MARINA jacket or the RYLIE MARINA ZIP are real eye-catchers with their filigree anchor print. You will also find maritime details on the buttons and cords.


We only produce animal-free clothing. We do not use leather, wool, silk, fur or down. We love to use animal motifs in our styles all the more. In the current ragwear winter collection, for example, you will find exotic birds on patches, for example on the NESKA PINK, or on buttons, for example on the CHELSEA NAVY.